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Naval Group has unveiled its SMX 31 E concept submarine, integrating the latest digital technologies for reinforced operational efficiency and significant versatility of use. Stealthier thanks to her biomimetic covering, the ship also benefits from an unmatched electrical energy storage capacity and a new propulsion concept.

On the horizon of 2040, in a context of permanent surveillance of the oceans, navies will have to navigate in very intricate environment. The objectives for submariners will be to operate freely, to share information safely and to be able to act firmly and swiftly.

The SMX31E offers a stealthier, more autonomous and flexible solution. More than a smart ship, the SMX31E constitutes a smart naval force to gain superiority in future underwater battlefields. 

The increased invulnerability is the result of the biomimetic shape and the skin material making it stealthier against active sonar emissions. Endurance is the other asset of the SMX31E, allowing the crew to be submerged for months thanks to the high energy capacity and efficient energy management system.

Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, this submarine offers maximal connectivity to interact with the rest of the fleet in a distributed underwater network. This new IT design enables the crew to collect and process data efficiently with remote sensors allowing them to master underwater tactical situation. Thus, the SMX 31E can monitor areas 10 times larger than today with the same efficiency.

This smart ship always keeps human decision in the loop and becomes a force multiplier thanks to the integration of all kinds of drones. Connected to each other, these vectors contribute to better control an extended underwater battlefield.

Jack Richardson