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ST Engineering Antycip (formerly Antycip Simulation) has recently been commissioned to upgrade the projection system for two TIGER attack helicopter simulators located at a Military technical centre in Europe. The project, which has been two years in the making, concluded with a few final tweaks of the system in June of this year. STE Antycip’s team designed and deployed the projection supports to install four Barco FL40 4K true solid-state projectors (with the aim of achieving a 210° field of view), as well as five new monitor screens for the ‘re-copy room’ where data is gathered and processed. The project began with a definition study of each sphere in order to define the exact location of the four necessary projectors and cameras used to calibrate the system.

TIGER Simulator Enhancements

The room housing the ‘re-copy screens’, which allow people outside the spheres to see what is being displayed inside, is situated 50m away from the spheres whilst the IG technical room sits 90m away. Both rooms are connected by fibre optic cabling, which was installed by the military, rather than Antycip, for security reasons. As well as the usual logistical constraints, a number of complications arose due to the sensitive nature of the project itself.

Since the installation, the customer has been trained in the use of its newly upgraded simulator and Antycip-designed simple launch and piloting phases via several buttons placed directly on the pilot or shooter’s cockpit. These allow the launch of the searchlights, self-calibration, optical blending in night mode and, of course, the classic or emergency shutdown of the simulator.

Quentin Blancheri will be hosting a webinar in partnership with Barco on 1 December 2020 where he will present an overview of this project as part of a webinar on simulation solutions for the Defence market. During this webinar, Sondre Fauskanger, senior product manager at Barco will also provide highlights into Barco’s newest FL40 MKII solid-state simulation-ready projectors.

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Jack Richardson