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The Danish Army has procured a significant number of mobile workshop containers, commonly referred to as the Forward Repair System NATO (FRSN), mainly to be assigned to the Danish Army’s heavy combat units. FRSN consists of several individual components, built and placed within the dimensions of a 20-foot container, meaning it can be transported by all known modes of transportation.

The FRSN is a new capability in the Danish Army. In the event of a breakdown of tanks, it has previously been necessary to bring wrecked tanks or vehicles back to the garrison for repair. With this newly acquired capability, the repair can be carried out quickly and flexibly in the field, saving time and resources. One of the strengths of FRSN is its high lifting capacity and mobility, with the system consisting of:

  • An extremely powerful crane with a lifting capacity of seven tons at a radius of four metres and at a height of five metres, a capability necessary to replace the engine in a LEOPARD tank. The crane can be operated from the built-in console and from the remote-control unit.
  • A workshop area equipped with a file bench and tools which can be closed for protection from the weather while being equipped with underfloor heating.
  • A separate power generator to be used off grid in addition to a battery backup in case of power failure.
  • Oxygen and gas as well as electrical equipment for performing various types of welding.
  • A compressed air system for the use of air tools.

The capacity requires minimal training and can thus be used quickly.

Jack Richardson