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HAVELSAN has completed the strategic process of producing the Submarine Data Distribution System (SDDS) for the six new U-214 TN submarines being built for the Turkish Navy. The contract for the vessels was signed in 2011 between TKMS and HAVELSAN, with the SDDS to be developed with a predicted domestic contribution of 70 per cent. HAVELSAN put its solution through long and extensive durability tests due to the environment a submarine operates in.

The SDDS provides all types of information required by a submarine and plays a key role in the integration of the combat system consisting of weapons, sensors and Command & Control units. Thanks to its redundant and uninterrupted data flow, it is able to perform safer navigation and operational tasks in the most effective way.

Through the new SDDS functions, all critical data flowing through the system during operation can be continuously recorded and stored for at least 50 days. Important data recorded during the operation can also be examined onboard or ashore. For a safe and secure operation of the submarine, the SDDS also handles the distribution of data to clients in required format and period in addition to controlling the priority levels of the sources.

The Turkish Navy will also integrate a modified form of this system to the PREVEZE class U-209 1200/1400, while there is also the possibility of a joint project with Pakistan to equip their French AGOSTA A-90B class submarines.

Korhan Özkilinc