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The first batch of the new automated fire control systems for artillery units, designated 1В181 or 1В198 being based on either the Ural 6×6 truck or BTR-80 APC, have been delivered. Although the exact number was not disclosed, the Russian media quoted Vladimir Pimenov, CEO of manufacturer VNII Signal, who claimed that, “the shipment was made in full and on time according to the long-term contract”.
The new system is a further derivative of the KAPUSTNIK (SKIT) 1B152 automated fire control vehicle which is widely used in the Russian Army and marketed by Rosoboronexport. The national TsAMTO states that four vehicles were delivered to Venezuela in 2011. According to the manufacturer, 1В181 and 1В198 provide automated control of fire and manoeuvre for an artillery division (battalion) consisting of up to four batteries (or up to eight guns in a battery of either towed guns or self-propelled howitzers of the MSTA- family).

The manufacturer claims that the 1В181 and 1В198 can increase the accuracy of conventional shells by 25 to 30 per cent. The greatest efficiency of the combat use of the 1B181 and 1B198 complexes is achieved when controlling self-propelled guns and MLRS combat vehicles equipped with Automated Control and Guidance Systems (ASUNO).

VNII Signal is also responsible for the PLANSHET-A portable automated artillery fire control system which was released to public at the Army-2020 International Forum this August and  is likely to get an export version shortly.
Yury Laskin