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Hungarian State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Gáspár Maróth has reported that the country’s armed forces have signed for the delivery of 40 examples of the 4×4 EJDER YALCIN from Turkish manufacturer Nurol Makina. Hungary has already received 10 of these vehicles in the first tranche, termed GIDRAN locally. The next delivery will have similar equipment to the previous one, namely Hungary will equip the vehicles with German sensor and communication systems to meet the needs of its own Armed Forces. Specifically, 300 GIDRANs will be manufactured locally, for which a joint venture between Rheinmetall and HT Division Zrt will be established, Nurol Makina is said to have entered into contractual agreements with this JV and the production will take place in Kaposvar in Southern Transdanubia.

The EJDER YALCIN 4×4 has an empty weight of 14 tons and is powered by a 375 hp turbo diesel with a payload of 4 tons. The vehicle has a V-shaped hull design with integrated floor plates and explosive seats, providing protection against mines and IEDs. It can be configured in a variety of roles.

  • Anti Tank Guided Missile vehicle
  • Surveillance & Reconnaissance platform
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • Command and Control Platform
  • Medical Evacuation Vehicle

Korhan Özkilinc