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The NATO Communications and Information Agency intends to procure radio and communication equipment to modernise 13 sites in three NATO nations under a contract estimated at €30M.

The equipment will upgrade NATO’s Ship-Shore-Ship-Buffer capability, a system that supports the exchange of tactical information between Naval Forces, ground Command & Control systems and NATO Airborne Early Warning systems.

The project is broken down into two work packages:

  • Civil works and site preparation: Preparing the antenna site, refurbishing buildings and preparing new buildings to host radio equipment.
  • Upgrades to the radio communications subsystems and data link; replacement, installation and integration of new equipment.

“This capability enables The Supreme Allied Commander Europe and subordinate commanders to participate in crisis management, and is essential for NATO’s peacetime air policing mission,” said Dan Harman, Project Manager for the effort.

The Agency plans to issue formal Invitation for Bid in the first quarter of 2021 and plans to ward the contract in the first quarter of 2022.

Jack Richardson