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Brazil has ordered 90 UNIMOG 5000 series off-road trucks, according to a press release by the Brazilian Navy, with Mercedes-Benz to deliver the vehicles between 2021 and 2027. They are intended for use by the Marines (Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais, CFN) to transport troops and material. The purchase also includes tippers and container transporters (by means of mission kits) while some will be equipped with water and fuel tanks.

The UNIMOG 5000 is the all-wheel-drive two-axle cross-country vehicle from Mercedes-Benz with a payload of up to five tonnes. With a maximum gross weight of 12.5 tonnes, the vehicle is powered by a 160 kW Euro V diesel engine. In combination with the coil-sprung rigid axles, it can overcome heavy terrain with gradients of up to 100 per cent. Sealed aggregates enable the vehicle to ford waters up to 1.20 m deep without preparation. As a universal carrier for mission superstructures of all kinds, the UNIMOG has a three-point suspension for rigid superstructures such as cabs or containers.

Gerhard Heiming