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The French Land Forces will receive a total of 689 SERVAL Light Armoured Multi-Role Vehicles (Véhicule Blindé Multi-Rôles, VBMR) under the SCORPION programme, with the production of 364 examples under contract. According to the production tranche for 2022, the first twelve production vehicles are to be delivered in the first half of that year and a further 96 in the latter half.

The production consortium of Nexter and Texelis has already delivered ten prototypes which are currently undergoing qualification tests. This process is so far advanced that series production could already be initiated.

The 4×4 SERVAL VBMR is a light version (in the 15 tonne weight class) of the TITUS 6×6 with three versions planned: Patrol, Reconnaissance and Communications. Systems common with the other SCORPION vehicles (GRIFFON, JAGUAR and LECLERC), to ensure optimal integration into the SCORPION system network include:

  • Electronic core
  • SCORPION Combat Information System
  • Threat sensors
  • Remote Weapon Station

The SERVAL is designed for use in combat zones in the middle segment of land forces, mixing flexibility, strategic mobility and payload transport capacity, complementing the capabilities of the other SCORPION vehicles.

Another variant of the SERVAL is being developed as a motorised protection solution according to the requirements of the Gendarmerie for operations in mainland France and overseas.

Gerhard Heiming