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The European Commission is having a pan-European interoperable mobile broadband communication system developed in the form of the Broadway Project. At the virtual Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) conference on 19 January 2021, the three remaining consortia in the competition (led by Airbus, Frequentis and Leonardo respectively) presented the status of their prototype development.

Public safety responders need a high level of operational efficiency, interoperability and collaboration. They also need to be able to access and exchange information wherever they are and whenever they need it. The high level of security and the availability and continuity of services needed during operations must always be guaranteed.

The prototype solution presented by the Airbus consortium addresses several requirements, including the flexibility to adapt the prototype to different use cases and to enable communication over shared and dedicated mobile broadband networks. It addresses use cases such as:

  • natural disasters
  • sea rescue operations
  • VIP personal security
  • political summit security
  • tracking and monitoring of dealers

This is in addition to database query capabilities on behalf of EU public safety authorities.

With its prototype, the consortium aims to provide an end-to-end, roaming and group communications solution that is simple, flexible, easy to deploy and manage. In addition, it offers a high degree of control and security and is suitable for use in the future BroadNet network.

BroadWay covers eleven countries in the European Union and currently covers 1.4 million of the 3.5 million subscribers (users) in Europe. The next step of the pan-European mobile broadband project will be the Demo Day, which is scheduled to take place in April 2021 and marks the end of stage two. In stage 3, which is scheduled to start on 9 August 2021, a pilot system will be set up that will go into practical testing from June 2022.

Gerhard Heiming