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The new 8×8 vehicle from BMC has been unveiled in front of Defence Minister Hulusi Akar, the General Staff and selected visitors at the BMC Land Systems Area. An official statement has not yet been given but the 8×8 ACV would weigh around 30 tons. The turret is developed by ASELSAN and uses a 35mm weapon system with the ability to use particle munitions, while the system also has a 7.62 mm machine gun mounted co-axial with the main gun for self-defence against close threats from the land.
The platform also has the SPOT system, a gunshot detection system developed by ASELSAN that can determine the direction and range of supersonic projectiles with high accuracy. In addition, the turret is equipped with the AKKOR Active Protection System, which provides 360 protection against Anti-Tank Guided missiles and rockets, making the vehicle particularly suitable for asymmetric warfare. The turret is equipped with a new generation communication systems developed by ASELSAN to meet the intensive communication needs of today’s battlefield. The system also has all the ability to perform tasks within the Command and Control network to coordinate with other elements. 
BMC also has four prototype engines in development:
  • VURAN (400hp)
  • AZRA (600hp)
  • UTKU (1000hp)
  • BATU (1500hp)

Some of them power domestic vehicles while it is rumoured that BATU will be launched this year. The VURAN and AZRA will power the 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles, the UTKU will power the FIRTINA howitzers and the BATU will power ALTAY Main Battle Tank.

Korhan Özkilinc