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Paramount Group has announced the establishment of a new division that will provide advanced training solutions for modern day ‘concept of operations’ and battlefield management to governments experiencing rising security challenges such as terrorism, violent extremism and insurgencies. The new division, Paramount Advanced Training and Support, will also consolidate the Group’s existing global training, support and skills development capabilities across its land, sea and air operations.

In order to bolster the capabilities of its new division, Paramount Group has also taken a strategic ownership stake in Burnham Global, a Dubai-based firm that specialises in providing a range of training solutions to security services around the world. Both companies believe that combining the skills development expertise of Burnham Global with Paramount Group’s advanced technologies and training capabilities will enable the new division to offer militaries and police forces an integrated solution for the optimal performance of systems and personnel in an era of rising asymmetrical threats and conflicts.

The wide range of training and support capabilities of the new division will cover:

  • modern battlefield strategies and management
  • the development of ‘concept of operations’
  • special forces operations support
  • pilot and vehicle operator training
  • medical training

This will enable governments to implement strategies that will strengthen connected battlefield operations, reduce risk and threats to armed personnel and minimise collateral damage.

Complementary to Paramount Group Expertise

Burnham Global has supported a large-scale project in Lebanon that has trained more than 18,000 troops for more than a decade. It has managed a variety of other skills development programmes in Jordan and across Africa. Utilising both sovereign and external donor funding, these projects have been primarily funded by the UK government, but also by the US, Canada, and Germany.

Paramount Group has established itself as one of the world’s leaders in the design and manufacturing of advanced technologies and equipment including aircraft, armoured vehicles and naval vessels. The integration of such equipment into end-user systems and the long-term training, support and maintenance are at the core of the Group’s customer-centric solutions.

Paramount Group already operates a number of training facilities, including its specialised training facility in the North West which trains special operators, K9 handlers and rapid intervention forces. It also offers training in IED and EOD Detection, advanced life support and trauma and medical support. At its facilities at Wonderboom National Airport and Polokwane International Airport, the Group operates rotary and fixed wing training facilities providing pilot and technical training for police and air forces.

Jack Richardson