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Elettronica has adopted a new organisational model to support the further growth of its products, processes and markets.

Reinforcement of top management

The Board of Directors, led by the Chairman and CEO Enzo Benigni and by the Vice Chairman Roberto Turco, has appointed Domitilla Benigni as co-CEO alongside Mr Benigni. Mrs Benigni, will also continue to hold the role of COO while holding specific powers to ensure a greater focus on long-term strategic choices, innovation, sustainability and profitability.

With a view to improving communication with Italian and international institutions, the Governmental and Institutional Relation unit has been established under the management of Lorenzo Benigni in his capacity as Senior Vice President Governmental and Institutional Relation.

Operating management

The company’s operating management will be consolidated and reinforced by creating three new operating units reporting directly to the CEO and COO:

  • The Engineering & Operations Unit,  supervising the coordination and integration of all the company’s operating areas, will be headed by Simone Astiaso.
  • The Strategy, Innovation & Transformation Unit will build the company’s medium and long term strategic corporate and product sustainability and will be headed by Gianni Maratta.
  • “Future business: Tempest, EFA, EVO and Public Financing” will coordinate activities aimed at achieving the aims of the main consortium programmes and of the Italian and international funds. This unit will be managed by Alberto De Arcangelis.

Moreover, the Planning and Risk Management Unit, headed by Ermanno Petricca in the capacity as Chief Risk Officer, has been created to supervise the risk management process and the Digital Proposal Configurator system.

Further Changes

Other units confirmed in the new organisation include:

  • Administration & Control, which continues to be headed by Amaury Choppin.
  • Global Sales and Business Development, which continues to be headed by Paolo Izzo.
  • Legal, Corporate Affairs and Security, which continues to be headed by Lavinio Perotti.
  • Operational Excellence and Process Improvement, which continues to be headed by Maria Giovanna Addario Chieco.
  • People, Organisation and Communication, entrusted to Massimo De Bari.
  • Programmes, entrusted to Luciano Notarantonio.

The Chairman and CEO Enzo Benigni said of this reorganisation, “Over its long history, and above all during the recent pandemic, our company has proved to be resilient in the face of the challenges of the changing world and the new market demands, thanks to the foresight with which it anticipated the changes and with which it restyled its organisation. The last decade has been characterised by the transformation of Elettronica from a supplier of products to a supplier of integrated systems and capabilities. The speed and complexity of the market, along with the technological transformations, have made it necessary to review the organisational model which, while upholding the traditional founding values of the firm based on technological excellence and the centrality of people, can better support the achievement of new and more challenging goals.”

Jack Richardson