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ESD recently caught up with the CEO of GOTRACK HLS, Col. (Ret.) Oded Halevy to discuss the importance of a new kind of observation and tracking technology for safer cities under COVID-19 conditions and beyond.

Pro-Actively Seeing

ESD: What does GOTRACK HLS do?

Halevy: GOTRACK HLS specialises in turning camera-control rooms to be HUNTERS!

We developed an advanced and unique ‘operating concept’ that allow organisations to be more effective and proactive using their CCTV. We do consulting and planning a variety of advanced security solutions, and we have special training programmes for camera operators

Sounds vague?

Think of it this way: its easy to install and deploy cameras, but cameras can’t SEE anything – they can only record. So if you want to be effective in real-time and even try to PREVENT events – you need skilled observers that will know how to observe, know and understand what they are seeing and know how to deal with this in real time. This is what GOTRACK HLS is all about.

ESD: How did it come into being?

Halevy: I founded GOTRACK HLS Consulting and Training Ltd., after 26 years of service in the IDF… I discovered that the centre of gravity and the main concern of security and safety officials is in the technology around the security cameras, which leads to passive control rooms, FISHERMEN, who are mainly engaged in late investigations of incident. There is little practice in the competence and training of control room operators, and little knowledge on the implementation of proactive operating concepts. It’s all around us … in hospitals, airports, factories, institutions and more.

GOTRACK HLS Selling Point

ESD: Why is GOTRACK HLS unique?

Halevy:  We developed a unique and active operating concept known as a “hunter”, meaning GOTRACK HLS makes it possible to turn all camera and especially camera-dispatcher from a passive factor in which they are used to retrospectively investigate incidents, to active factor that functions in real-time to proactively observe, locate and prevent events from happening.

ESD: Can you give us an example?

Halevy: if you look at the ‘safe-city’ programme and the challenges of maintaining public order and provide security to the citizens in the local authority then you can see the difference between responding to emergency calls from citizens in the public space about a brawl between drunk teenagers in the local park (for example) and the ability of the proactive (hunter) camera dispatcher to detect the same teenagers entering the park with alcohol and directing the police or community policing to contain the incident and prevent it from escalating into a drunken brawl.

The difference between involving in an event that is already taking place- usually too late- and preventing the event!

This methodology can be applied to a variety of areas and challenges such as – border protection, safety in construction sites, airports security, preventing violence against medical staff in hospitals and protecting the safety of the helpless and nursing patient.


ESD: Who are GOTRACK HLS’s customers?

Halevy: Our company works with ministries of defence, government offices, various public institutions, and private sector companies such as banks, hospitals, shopping malls and alike.

The control room – this is where the efficacy of GOTRACK HLS is witnessed

GOTRACK HLS has been selected since 2015 by the Ministry of Public Safety in Israel to train all the camera dispatch centres in the ‘City Without Violence’ programme (SAFE-CITY) in Israel and was also selected as the operating body to formulate ‘operational concepts’ and train camera dispatch centres for national’s projects.

ESD: How does a customer typically work with GOTRACK HLS?

Halevy: The training teams of GOTRACK HLS are doing most of the work at the customer’s facilities in order to train and exercise the observers using our GOTRACK HLS technology in their own surroundings. Our consulting teems will be at the customer facility for a few days/weeks to learn the needs and challenges of the customer and develop the tailor made operational concept for that specific customer.

We also developed a unique and professional computerized tutorial that enables independent learning anywhere and at any time.

During these COVID-19 times, the training is conducted successfully using a ZOOM platform. Customers that connect with our SeeU service platform for camera-dispatchers can visit the dispatcher or monitor it via a video link from the camera.


ESD: Which advantages can users realise with GOTRACK HLS?

Halevy: The main advantage of GOTRACK is the ability to turn a camera, that already exists at the customer facility, into being “alive” – effectively in real time!

The combination between technology and skilled professional observers with the “hunters” (proactive) operational concept-are the company’s main advantage! We turn camera dispatchers from fishermen to hunters.

ESD: What is a typical scenario in which a customer will want to use GOTRACK HLS?

Halevy: customers how already have CCTV/cameras and want to significantly improve the response and the effectiveness, to insure the security and the safety in their responsibility and turn from a passive and reactive response to an active and preventive response. 

ESD:  Thank you Colonel for allowing us the benefit of your insight.


For more information, contact:  Sigal Gafni via