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Encrypted communications for the five Embraer E-99M surveillance aircraft operated by the Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira, FAB) will be supplied in the form of Soveron radios from Rohde & Schwarz. The E-99Ms will be used for detection, tracking, identification of flying objects and air traffic control. They complement ground radar signals and improve situational awareness. The information obtained is transmitted to ground stations or other aircraft using highly secure software-defined radios and waveforms from the Soveron family.

The FAB has operated the E-99M since 2002. The main sensor is the ERIEYE-ER radar with Saab’s AESA technology, a system which also characterises its external appearance. Additionally, the mission systems, sensors and electronic countermeasures are being renewed and supplemented. Six mission planning systems and operator stations have also been ordered to train the crews of the aircraft. The first modernised example was recently handed over to the FAB.

Gerhard Heiming