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A NATO state has ordered modern artillery ammunition from Rheinmetall. The Group’s South African subsidiary, Rheinmetall Denel Munition (Pty) Ltd., will supply several thousand conventional and extended-range artillery shells of the ASSEGAI family (Base Bleed and V-LAP) and M92 ASSEGAI tactical modular charges. Delivery commenced in December 2020 and will conclude by May 2021. The order is worth around €25M.

The ASSEGAI Series is intended to propel artillery shells from 155mm gun systems. The charge system is fine-tuned to the customer’s specific weapon systems and artillery shells for maximum effectiveness. Their modular design simplifies logistics and makes handling in self-propelled artillery systems easier. They offer other advantages, including a reduction in barrel wear (RDM’s Barrel Wear Reducer/BWR) and producing lower muzzle flash (RDM’s Muzzle Flash Reducer/MFR). The former results in longer barrel life and the latter makes the artillery system harder for the enemy to detect.

Rheinmetall and Rheinmetall Denel Munition have proven expertise in advanced indirect fire systems. At a test fire event held at the Alkantpan test range in South Africa in 2019, several new range records for indirect artillery fire with various guns were achieved, attaining maximum ranges of up to 76km. This display of technological achievement and capability sparked the interest of artillery users across the globe. Rheinmetall Denel Munition has embarked on a phased development approach, including the continuous improvement in range capability of artillery ammunition. This showed the potential of the first phase and reinforces Rheinmetall Denel Munition’s goal of meeting a user-specified range requirement of more than 155 km.

Jack Richardson