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MBDA has tested an MMP missile from a remotely operated turret mounted on a 4×4 for the first time. This demonstration was the third scenario of the MMP firing campaign carried out at the Canjuers military camp in the South of France, and took place with the support of the French Army and of the Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA – French Procurement Agency).

Carried out in “fire and forget” mode, the firing consisted of engaging a target representing another armoured vehicle located approximately 3,500m away. Ending with a direct hit on the target, the firing confirmed the precision of the aiming and ‘locking-on’ for a long-range target from the turret, as well as the quality and robustness of the guidance chain.

This firing complements the development activities carried out by MBDA on MMP and the IMPACT remotely controlled turret for equipping light armoured vehicles. With MMP now the market benchmark for fifth-generation land combat missile systems, IMPACT meets the expectations of various industrial partners wishing to equip their vehicles with its full capabilities. MBDA has developed IMPACT’s modular architecture to aid integration. There is also commonality with the MISTRAL ATLAS RC Turret, with which it shares 80 per cent of its components.

Jack Richardson