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The Aero India 2021 international aerospace exhibition, which will be held at Air Force Station in Yelahanka in Bengaluru from 3 to 5 February, will have a strong Russian delegation to strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries.

This will be headed by Viktor Kladov, Rostec Corporation Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy who termed the exhibition “a breath of fresh air” for bilateral cooperation. According to him, the share of the Russian-made products within the Indian Armed Forces is over 70 per cent, peaking in the Indian Air Force (IAF) at 80 per cent. Mr. Kladov mentioned that Russia will display over 200 samples of military products including the fifth generation Su-57 in its export version, the Su-57E.

The Russian national exposition will be organised by Rosoboronexport, Russia’s state mediator in international defence trade operations. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the products on display are to be presented as models only, but the Russian officials remain optimistic regarding the prospect of future deals.

Wider Partnership

Russia has been an active participant in the “Make in India” programme. Since the initiative started in 2014, Russia and India have been implementing over 200 joint products. According to Victor Kladov, these programmes include licensed assembly in India of the T-90S MBT and Su-30MKI fighters, as well as AL-31FP and RD-33 aircraft engines among others. There is also the BRAHMOS supersonic missile which has now come to a hypersonic stage development.

Apart of Su-57E, Rosoboronexport is going to present a variety of products including Su-35 and MiG-35 fighters, Il-76MD-90A(E) military transport, the Il-78MK-90A aerial refuelling tanker and different helicopters such as Mi-28NE Night hunter. Additionally, the Ka-226T light multi-role helicopter is already in production at the UUAZ aviation plant in Ulan-Ude.

Su-57E (Image: ROE)

The Russian exposition is not limited to aviation technology. It also includes a number of vehicles such as PANTSIR-S1 SHORADS and the TYPHOON family of armoured wheeled vehicles. The P-18-2 PRIMA radar will also make its international debut at AeroIndia. In addition to the defence products, the latest commercial aviation technology will be presented. The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will show MC-21 prospective medium-range aircraft and the Il-114-300 regional turboprop.

Yury Laskin