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Arquus has handed over the 2,000th VT4 Command and Liaison Vehicle to the French Armed Forces. This is just under half of the 4,380 light tactical multi-purpose vehicles ordered for deployment at home, overseas and in stabilised conflict zones. 3,980 VT4s are earmarked for the Army, with the rest going to the other branches of the military.

Together with the delivery order, Arquus has been commissioned for the maintenance/servicing of the vehicles and has committed itself to an availability of 95 per cent. For this purpose, the company relies on a service network whose locations (also overseas) no more than 50 km from the stationing location. The VT4 package is complemented by training for the crews for optimal use of the vehicle, for maintenance personnel and, last but not least, for Arquus employees in the service bases.

The VT4, which weighs around three tonnes, is a militarised Ford EVEREST that offers space for five people (or four infantrymen with FELIN equipment). Air-conditioning and driving assistants increase the operational value, as do increased ground clearance, reinforced controls and lashing hooks for air transport. The vehicle is prepared for the integration of the SITEL command and communication system, two PR4G radios with integrated encryption and satellite-based navigation.

Gerhard Heiming