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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is expanding its family of Electro-Optical/IR payloads with the introduction of MegaPOP, a system developed by TAMAM, IAI’s electro-optical and navigation system house.

The new payload is designed for land applications such as marine or land border control, surveillance of sensitive facilities, or any other operational mission that requires especially lengthy surveillance performance, as well as high-definition vision capabilities with a system that uses several sensors, simultaneously.

MegaPOP simultaneously tapes a video on a thermal/ HD channel with night vision, a colour daylight HD channel and an innovative HD SWIR technology channel. The continuous zoom capability provides the end-user with high quality output even under highly challenging visual conditions. The system features an exceptionally long range of surveillance augmented by multispectral capabilities. It offers an extraordinary range of sensors that can be used together and a range of laser capabilities. Additional system features include digital tracking, specialised image processing, and additional methods of data processing and automating surveillance capabilities. A built-in gyro stabilising system ensures stable imaging under all environmental conditions. MegaPOP has magnetic-independent, highly-accurate northing capability to assist in managing target datum points. Advanced digital interfaces allow simplified control even from remote control posts and operational work that involves additional sensors, including ELINT, COMINT, and more.

Jack Richardson