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Steadicopter is expanding the applications of the BLACK EAGLE Rotary Unmanned Aerial Systems (RUAS) family to include homeland security, police, offshore and military ISR missions. Exhibiting for the first time at the IDEX event, the company will highlight the capabilities of the lightweight RUAS that enable it to meet various challenges.

The company has recently signed a number of cooperation agreements with Israeli companies with technological leadership. Among them is Simplex – a leading developer of unique, groundbreaking drone control technology, enabling operations of multiple drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). Integrating the Drone Operating system with the BLACK EAGLE will enhance the platform’s autonomous operational capabilities. This will turn it into a smart, mission aware robot that can operate in shared airspace, making smart autonomous decisions in real time and significantly increasing mission capabilities, efficiency and safety of flight.

This unique integration also allows multi-UAS operation in cooperation with other types of systems, sensors and unmanned aircraft performing collaborative complex missions. The FlightOps web-based Ground control application provides an easy yet powerful multi-mission and multi-UAS control using a single operator.

BLACK EAGLE Family and Applications

From a wide variety of OPVs to the busiest offshore platforms, the BLACK EAGLE family of products offers a comprehensive solution for highly-demanding maritime applications, such as:

  • infrastructure security
  • Exclusive Economic Zone enforcement
  • anti-piracy
  • unauthorised fishing
  • search & rescue
  • offshore cargo supply

BLACK EAGLE 25E – designed for weights of up to 25 kg and suitable for tactical-urban missions, while meeting the strictest weight and category regulations.

BLACK EAGLE 50E – with an electricity-powered engine, the BLACK EAGLE 50E system is extremely lightweight, enabling additional payload capacity, giving the user the highest level of mission versatility for covert operations. Weighing only 18 kg as a platform, each model has the capacity to carry additional batteries for longer flights, heavier payloads and more.

All BLACK EAGLE systems are certified for use in the harshest maritime operating scenarios, according to the IP67 environmental standards. With a zero-logistic footprint, both variants are the perfect fit for the ever-important maritime domain.

Jack Richardson