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While “No-Fly” orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic prevented a number of participants from exhibiting at or visiting NAVDEX in Abu Dhabi this week, the obstacle provided an opportunity for some creative ways to continue conducting business at this massive maritime security and defence event.

For example, using a local stand hostess, large laptop and secure internet connection, Finnish Combat Boat Builder Marine Alutech’s CEO Niko Haro is able to conduct planned and ad hoc meetings with local naval, police, SAR and coast guard VIPs using one of the many online meeting aps available.

There are many combat and small patrol boat programme requirements underway to fill multiple roles in the inter-connected MENA and GCC regions. Marine Alutech is keen to compete for these contracts.

The UAE and its neighbours are dedicated to sustaining their expert maritime rapid reaction and special operations forces – considered some of the best in the world. Having combat and harbour patrol boats from companies like Marine Alutech would make insertions, operations and recoveries safer, easier and more efficient.  SAR is another area where Marine Alutech’s boats have proven themselves, vital in successfully aiding police and rescue services in these scenarios that also remain a priority for the UAE and its neighbours.

Using readily available technology and local staff,  Marine Alutech can engage with future customers and learn more about what potential buyers of their unique naval defence and maritime security offering need.

Nico Haro and his team of specialists are available for live remote consultations at their NAVDEX stand C-016 until the end of the expo.