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Fincantieri and OCCAR are to sign a contract for the construction of two next generation submarines, Fincantieri said in a statement. Such a contract, where Fincantieri will act as prime contractor, envisages an option for two additional units and is part of the new U212NFS (Near Future Submarine) acquisition programme of the Italian Navy. The total contract value for the first two vessels, including relevant logistics support, amounts to €1.35Bn.

The project is an evolution of the U212A programme carried out in cooperation with Germany’s Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. This resulted in the production of four submarines, which were delivered by Fincantieri to Italy between 2006 and 2017, in addition to six for Germany. According to highly reliable analyses, the technological content of these Air-Independent Propulsion submarines determined the shift in the balance between nuclear and conventional vessels in the postwar period.

Building on Cooperation

With the first two deliveries scheduled for 2027 and 2029, the U212NFS programme stems from the need to secure adequate underwater spatial surveillance and control capacity, considering the future complex scenarios of underwater operations and that the operational lifetime of the existing four SAURO class submarines is drawing to an end. It also aims at upholding and further developing Fincantieri’s acquired strategic and innovative industrial know-how, as well as consolidating the technological lead attained by the company and its supply chain, enhancing the presence of technologically-advanced component parts developed by Italian industries on board.

Fincantieri CEO, Giuseppe Bono, commented: “We are proud that the recognition of our skills by the Italian Navy and the German partner has brought about a change in the relations, thus securing – on the one hand – our role as design authority, on the other as prime contractor. We are going to take a real technological leap forward compared to the submarines of the previous class, starting with the design and the combat system developed along with Leonardo, which we are in charge of integrating on-board. This will allow Italy to continue being a main actor among the limited group of countries that can build such advanced units”.

Jack Richardson