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The export version of the ARMATA MBT is to be a core feature of the Russian national exposition during IDEX 2021 in Abu Dhabi this February. The tank is considered to be the first real example of a third generation MBT. The Russian exposition will be organised by Rosoboronexport, state mediator for the arms trade, which is going to run regular presentations on the ARMATA for potential customers during the show. However, the real vehicle won’t be delivered to IDEX due to logistic problems arising from the COVID pandemic.
The exported variants are different in certain key elements from the systems being delivered domestically. This prevents hostile nations from obtaining crucial technology when the equipment comes into their hands, similar to the case with the PANTSIR SHORADS being handed to the US in Libya.
Mass delivery of the ARMATA to the Russian Army will commence this year, according to Rostec State Corporation CEO Sergey Chemezov. By the end of 2021, 132 ARMATA based machines (teamed with the sister T-15 armoured vehicle) are to enter service.
The tank is armed with a 125mm smooth bore gun within an uninhabited turret while the crew of three occupies the armored capsule inside the tank body. The machine is intended for the modern ‘network-centric warfare’ when combat vehicles share information and tasks over the battlefield.
Yury Laskin