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ADSB, the regional leader in build, repair, maintenance, refit and conversion of naval and commercial vessels, has unveiled 16m and 12m Fast Patrol Boats (FPB) which were both fully designed and built in the UAE by ADSB. They were launched on the first day of NAVDEX 2021 which takes place alongside IDEX at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.
The 16m boat is modular in design to accommodate either a short cabin with space for surface-to-surface missile systems or a longer one for troop transport. In both cases, it is armoured to the customer’s preference, with guns ranging from manually operated 12.7mm to a 30mm cannon mounted onto a Remote Weapon Station. The 16m boat was built to meet requirements for the Coast Guard Forces and can additionally feature ‘self-righting’ technology that helps the boat turn if it capsizes.
The 12m boat can be built from 11m to 13m in length, according to customer requirements. It has a payload of up to 2 tonnes, enabling it to carry a Remote Weapon Station or missile systems if required. IT can also be configured to operate as a USV. Intellectual property for both of these fast patrol boats is wholly owned by ADSB, with the modular design allowing for speedy delivery within weeks instead of months.