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Northrop Grumman has been awarded a contract by the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) Tactical Technology Office (TTO) to develop an advanced technology weapon concept designed to significantly increase engagement range and weapon effectiveness of US Forces against adversary air threats.

Spurred by rapid technological advancements and an ever more dangerous and disruptive battlefield, DARPA’s LongShot programme will explore new lethal engagement concepts by leveraging multi-modal propulsion and weapon systems that can be operationally deployed from existing fighters or bombers.

DARPA’s advanced aerospace systems activities are focused on utilising high pay-off opportunities to provide revolutionary new system capabilities. This is opposed to incremental or evolutionary advances.

The LongShot programme enables Northrop Grumman to combine its expertise in weapon system design, survivability, autonomy, advanced mission systems and rapid prototyping to deliver advanced solutions that help to maintain a competitive military advantage in highly contested environments.

Jack Richardson