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The German Armed Forces introduced the SitaWare FRONTLINE Battle Management System in 2019 as the backbone of digitalisation. Now, manufacturer Systematic has presented the new SitaWare FRONTLINE 3.0 version.

This features a new, self-contained map engine that supports multiple map types in 2D and 3D formats. Terrain analysis tools include the ability to display area-of-sight and line-of-sight. The new mapping system, comprehensive force tracking and geospatial analysis tools, provide a comprehensive picture of the deployed forces and physical terrain. The features are designed to improve situational awareness for tactical leaders.

SitaWare FRONTLINE 3.0 utilises Systematic’s tried-and-tested SitaWare Tactical Communications (STC) software protocols. These optimise the management of data and enable large volumes to be transmitted over limited bandwidth and in challenging conditions.

Plans and orders can be composed directly on the electronic map and include sketches and text. These can be shared over digital and analogue tactical radio networks. New waypoint-based route navigation and planning has also been introduced.

Features of SitaWare FRONTLINE 3.0 include a responsive display that adapts to screen size and orientation, ‘light’ and ‘dark’ modes to suit tactical requirements, and symbology alignments with other members of the SitaWare suite.

The overall aim is to put the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act loop from recognition of a situation to action on a secure footing and speed it up.

Gerhard Heiming