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Viasat has increased its production run rates to over 200 Non-Developmental Item (NDI) Link 16 Next-Generation Tactical Data Link radios per month to meet current interest and pending orders from US and international defence customers. Specifically, Viasat is seeing a surge of interest in its Battlefield Awareness Targeting System-Embedded (BATS-E) Link 16 radios, which provide network connectivity and access for a variety of unmanned platforms to view, relay and share situational awareness data for more accurate tracking, identification and engagement.

The Company is on track to build 25 BATS-E radios per month to meet near-term demand from US and global military forces—with an ability to go significantly higher if demand requires. The Company’s other NDI Link 16 radios, the AN/PRC-161 Battlefield Awareness Targeting System-Dismounted (BATS-D) and KOR-24A Small Tactical Terminal (STT), round out the production levels to run rates totalling over 200 radios per month. To-date, Viasat has shipped in excess of 5,000 Link 16 Next-Generation Tactical Data Links radios worldwide.

Jack Richardson