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Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land – along with WFEL, has awarded Thales a ten-year contract worth the equivalent of €208M to supply and integrate two key systems for the BOXERs ordered by the British Army.

The PROTECTOR RS4, which is widely used with more than 20,000 units, is designed to be equipped with light and medium calibre machine guns as well as anti-tank missiles. Dual-axis stabilisation, day/night sights and laser rangefinders enable high reconnaissance performance and precise engagement. For the MIV BOXER, Thales integrates its Catherine EZ thermal imaging module as well as the CELT3 laser rangefinder.


The Acusonic shot detection system, also used in the AJAX IFV, uses sonar technology to determine the direction of enemy fire and alert the crew. The measurement results can be used automatically for fire control.

Acusonic Sensor