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Marine Alutech is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the art maritime vessels for military, law enforcement and other maritime applications. 2021 is a milestone for the 30 years anniversary celebration. Company is based in the greater Helsinki area (Finland). Marine Alutech’s product portfolio includes:

  • Combat and fast patrol boats in lengths between 5 and 25 metres;
  • Typical marine diesel & waterjet propulsion systems;
  • Modular weapon & self-protection systems.

The company’s core capabilities cover prime contractor services, project management, design and manufacture of aluminium and composite vessels including lifecycle management. Besides, it can provide dedicated expertise in unmanned vessels, Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC), electrical systems and for the integration of weapon and CBRN systems.

Vessels of the company are in service and successfully operated in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The company is proud of Finland, as Marine Alutech’s home market, constituting the largest customer reference; Marine Alutech sees itself as a partner of the Finnish Defence Forces and the Border Guard – rather than just a supplier.

As an SME, the company takes advantage of such a relationship based on partnership, particularly during periods of military conflicts, global financial crises, and health pandemics, as they have been experienced since 1991.

So what has been the key success factor for this innovative company?

“Our ability to recognise customer requirements” says Niko Haro, the CEO. “This helps us understand exact requirements of our customers’ needs and means that we can provide vessels in response to these requirements”. When finding an answer to the question, Mr Haro appreciates the dynamic development of related benchmarks. “30 years ago, the benchmark was a speed of 40 knots with very simple manual weapon systems. Today, we are discussing customer requirements for vessels with fully integrated weapon systems that achieve top speeds over 50 knots. Everyone wants to go faster and be more heavily armed”.

Recognising this, Marine Alutech’s focus is the “M” product range of the Watercat type vessels. M stands for Military, thus applying significantly more rigorous internal design features and construction processes.

The M range includes of the M12 vessel that is primarily designed for troop transport, but also for amphibious support. It can be fitted with the Patria NEMO 120mm mortar system.

The M18 can be designed for troop transport but can also be configured as a weapons platform.  More than 30 of 12M and twelve M18 vessels (with a wheelhouse roof mounted RWS) are in service with the Finnish Defence Forces.

The flagship of the M range is the M22. Using the same design concepts as implemented with the M18, it is a physically larger vessel. Haro is quick to point out that a slightly larger vessel size adds significant capability. “We can engineer a weapons suite on board to include a main gun of up to a 40mm calibre, 2 x 12.7mm side guns, and a medium range missile system. With a proven hull shape and a propulsion system able to achieve speeds in excess of 50 knots we believe this vessel offers multiple roles and tactics needed for today’s military organisations”.

The flagship of the M range is the M22. (Graphik: Marine Alutech)

Haro is reluctant if asked about demand. He does not disclose any details about parties interested in the M range except that the company is in various stages of negotiations with many organisations for the supply of these heavily armed multi-role vessels.

Whilst the focus is on meeting customer expectations with the current M range of Watercat vessels, Haro points out that the company is still very active in law enforcement and commercial markets. “We have served these markets for our complete 30-year history, and this sector has been very loyal to us and we are happy to reciprocate that kind of loyalty”. Recent achievements include a fleet of 14 vessels to a Middle Eastern coast guard authority and seven vessels for a port authority in Singapore.

Combined with the support of 60 dedicated personnel, full ISO 9000 and AQAP management recognition, prime waterfront facilities, newly built state-of-the-art outfitting halls, the future looks promising. Haro: “Here’s to the next 30 years”.

Marine Alutech invites you to its digital meeting point at NAVDEX, Abu Dhabi, stand C-016.