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The Mine Countermeasures Vessels (MCMV) being jointly procured by Belgium and the Netherlands will be equipped with the Scanter 6000 surveillance radar from Danish manufacturer Terma. The firm has been contracted to supply one Scanter 6000 naval radar for each of the 12 planned vessels which will be delivered from 2022 over an eight-year period.

“The high-resolution Scanter 6000 radars will enable the Belgian and Dutch mine countermeasures vessels to detect and track small targets – from the horizon to the ship itself – on the surface and in low airspace in all weather conditions,” explained Terma’s sales manager Lars Veis Laursen.

The Belgium & Naval Robotics consortium, consisting of French companies Naval Group and ECA Group, will deliver the first new MCMVs to the Belgian Navy in April 2024, followed by delivery to the Royal Netherlands Navy. Both navies will receive six vessels each.

Terma describes the radar as follows:

“The Scanter 6000 is a coherent X-band 2D solid-state radar developed by Terma to meet market requirements for improved situational awareness on the surface and in lower airspace in all weather and sea conditions. It was specifically designed as an affordable solution to bridge the gap between standard marine navigation radars and the very expensive military surveillance radar systems. The radar offers unique capabilities for advanced navigation, airspace surveillance including helicopter control and surface surveillance with tracking of small targets such as jet skies or autonomous surface vessels to the horizon.”

Gerhard Heiming