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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has proposed locating Russian Su-30SMs at military bases in his country. Mr. Lukashenko claims this practice used to happen in 2014 during the World Ice Hockey Championship. The Belarusian leader said that the aircraft should be operated by both Russian and Belarusian pilots as there are sufficient military bases to avoid the need for the construction of new infrastructure. The money being saved should be used for the new aircraft production.

Alexander Lukashenko also said that these aircraft should received the most modern weaponry. “We are not talking about the nuclear warheads. We are talking about conventional weapons”, he said.

According to the existing contract, Belarus will receive a new batch of four Sukhoi Su-30SM multirole combat aircraft by October 2022. The Su-30SM has become a key version of the Su-27/35 family which Russia delivers to its allies from ex-Soviet Union republics such as Armenia and Kazakhstan as well.

Military-technical cooperation between Belarus and Russia covers different spheres. Earlier this week, the Armed Forces of Belarus officially confirmed receipt of the first batch of 9M120 ATAKA anti-tank guided missiles developed by the Kolomna-based Engineering design bureau of the High Precision Weapons holding. The missile can be fired from both armoured vehicles/tanks and helicopters. It is equipped with a cumulative action warhead and is designed to destroy tanks of all types, including those with dynamic protection screens at a range of up to 6000 m.

Yury Laskin