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Safran Data Systems has signed a contract with Contec to supply LEGION 400 antennas. This provides a state-of-the-art ground infrastructure for the high end of the Ground Segment-as-a-Service (GSaaS) market, while keeping user costs affordable.

“With this initial contract, Contec will be able to quickly provide global services,” said Dr. Sunghee Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Contec. “Our systems will initially be deployed in South Korea, Alaska and Northern Europe, then expanded to include South America and the Middle East.”

Thanks to the modular design and scalability of the LEGION 400 antenna, Contec will soon be offering S and X-band services, with a possible extension to Ka-band and auto-tracking. “The smallsat market is changing at a very fast pace,” added Dr. Sunghee Lee. “We have to be ready to handle operations in standard satellite bands at competitive prices, but it’s also important for Contec to be future-proof. GSaaS users will especially appreciate the flexibility and competitiveness of our services. We’re eager to start delivering these services to our customers as soon as possible. Stay tuned for our service launch announcement!”

Safran Data Systems is extremely honored to be chosen by Contec,” said Jean-Marie Bétermier, CEO of Safran Data Systems. “Our LEGION 400 antenna draws on decades of experience and innovative solutions in satellite tracking systems, and is a key success factor for GSaaS providers. It offers a smart, high-performance and hi-rel solution that addresses both the growing need for LEO (low Earth orbit) satellite ground stations, and the New Space market, including data service providers. Contec’s selection confirms our vision of how this product will transform the market.”

Jack Richardson