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The takeover of RUAG Aerospace Services GmbH in Oberpfaffenhofen by General Atomics Europe GmbH based in Dresden, which was announced in mid-October 2020, has now taken place.

This will enable General Atomics Europe (GA-Europe) to expand its product and service portfolio in the maintenance and repair of business aircraft and military helicopters, as well as in the production and maintenance of the Dornier 228. The previous parent company of RUAG Aerospace Services, the Swiss technology group RUAG International, is concentrating on its activities in aircraft structure construction (RUAG Aerostructures).

The acquisition also means that GA-Europe is consolidating its market position in both the civil & military and manned & unmanned aviation business in the long term. The approximately 420 employees of the previous RUAG Aerospace Services (RUAG AS) at the Oberpfaffenhofen location will continue in post. Going forward, the company will operate as a subsidiary of General Atomics Europe GmbH under the name General Atomics AeroTec Systems GmbH (GA-ATS).

As a result of the takeover, General Atomics Europe has expanded as a technology group to over 1,000 employees and sees high growth and innovation potential in both the civil and military aviation business. In addition to the further development of the existing business, GA-Europe will expand the Oberpfaffenhofen location to become the company’s European aviation core. This means that the GA-Europe group’s essential operational aviation activities will be concentrated in Oberpfaffenhofen. Besides growing the existing business, it is also planned to expand service areas such as compo-nent overhaul and engineering services.

Jack Richardson