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The Swiss Federal Council has adopted the Army Dispatch 2021, thus defining the way forward. With guarantee credits of around CHF 2.3Bn, the Federal Council is pursuing five priorities:

  • expand command and communication systems
  • improve mobility
  • protect members of the Armed Forces more effectively
  • adapt logistics infrastructures to greater readiness
  • modernise training infrastructures

With these investments, the Armed Forces will increase their energy efficiency and produce even more renewable energy in the future. The Armed Forces Dispatch 2021 shows for the first time how much the planned investments will contribute to achieving climate goals.

In the coming years, the intention is to gear the Armed Forces’ capabilities more towards a hybrid conflict picture, both in defence during an armed conflict and in subsidiary support to civilian authorities. The Armed Forces must be prepared to be deployed in a broad range of tasks, according to an official news release.

With the Army Dispatch 2021, the Federal Council is proposing guarantee credits of around CHF 2.3Bn to Parliament, with all expenditure being financed through the ordinary defence budget. The Army Dispatch 2021 includes the guarantee credits for the armament programme, the procurement of army equipment and the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport’s (VBS) real estate programme.

Jürgen Hensel