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The German Federal Police has signed a Support-By-The-Hour (SBH) type service contract for the ARRIUS 2F engines of its ten Airbus H120 helicopters. The contract concluded with Safran Helicopter Engines on 6 April 2021 is the second of this type. In 2012, the Federal Police had already awarded Safran the service for the 36 ARRIUS 2B2 engines of the Airbus H135 helicopters of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) operated in the rescue service.

With the SBH system, it is possible to design the service for the helicopter engines to the customer’s individual needs and requirements. The scope of support, fleet size, number of calculated operating hours, type of operation and operating environment are the factors taken into account. Scheduled or unscheduled maintenance (such as general overhaul or unscheduled repairs), logistical and financial services as well as equipment rental can be included individually according to the customer’s needs.

The customer pays for the “flying hour” (“you pay as you fly”) and thus has a clear picture of his necessary expenses. In the event of a breakdown, replacement engines are provided and are permanently available in the contractor’s aircraft store.

The SBH system ensures helicopter fleet operators a clear and predictable financial burden that can be spread over the medium or long term without causing expenditure spikes. It makes engine operating costs predictable and allows flexibility in scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. The SBH concept already covers 50 per cent of the flight hours of Safran Helicopter Engines’ customer turbines. SBH and Health Monitoring are part of EngineLife Services, Safran’s solution offering for helicopter engines.

Wolfgang Gelpkec