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The Russian MoD’s Directorate of Information and Mass Media reported yesterday that defence attaches of foreign states, accredited in Moscow, witnessed live firing of the S-400 TRIUMPH SAM at the Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan Region. About 80 representatives of the military and diplomatic corps from 52 countries in the CIS, Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America attended the demonstration. They were also shown the combat capabilities of the PANTSIR-S short-range anti-aircraft missile and gun systems.

The MoD spokesman said, “Combat crews of the S-400 SAM system and the PANTSIR-S SPAAGM system detected and destroyed all target missiles simulating aerodynamic, operational-tactical, tactical ballistic targets, cruise missiles, as well as ground targets.”

The Russian MoD regularly invites representatives of the military-diplomatic corps of foreign states to various events. In 2020, foreign military diplomats attended more than 20 events.

Yury Laskin