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The Bell Boeing V-22 OSPREY has logged more than 600,000 flight-hours, providing continuous customer support to maintain mission readiness and transport critical cargo and personnel.

Built by Bell Textron Inc. and Boeing, the V-22 fleet has grown to more than 400 aircraft and is operated by the USMC, US Air Force, US Navy and the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.

The V-22 is the only military production tiltrotor aircraft in the world. Its speed, range, maneuverability and logistical capability make it one of the most versatile and cost-effective solutions for its customers.

Bell Boeing directly supports V-22 readiness by providing comprehensive global services to V-22 squadrons, including:

  • maintenance support
  • training
  • on-site field representatives
  • data analytics
  • new and repaired parts

For example, the Naval Air Systems Command recently awarded Bell Boeing a contract to deliver and install kits for nacelle improvements and the conversion area harness onto the CV-22 aircraft for the USAF. The programme refines the design of the nacelles and wiring harnesses for better reliability and maintainability, ultimately reducing repair time and improving readiness.

Recent accomplishments include the V-22’s latest variant, the CMV-22B, assigned to the “Titans” of Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron 30, completing the first delivery of an F-35 engine to the USS CARL VINSON, along with successful paradrops with the US Navy’s parachuting team, “The Leap Frogs,” earlier in the year.

Jack Richardson