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Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) medium-range anti-tank missile was launched from the new JAGUAR armoured reconnaissance vehicle for the first time on the 14 April, manufacturer MBDA has announced.

The firing was part of the qualification tests for the French Army’s 6×6 combat vehicle Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance et de Combat (EBRC) and took place with the participation of Nexter and MBDA under the direction of the French Defence Procurement Agency the DGA at its Land Test Centre. This successfully demonstrated firing at a standing target. Overall, the system is to be capable of direct firing (Line of Sight) as well as Beyond Line of Sight against armoured or hardened moving and fixed targets.

The retractable launcher for two MMP guided missiles was integrated by Nexter into the turret of the JAGUAR, which also contains a Remote-Controlled Weapon Station developed by Arquus and the 40 mm cannon developed by CTA-International.

Optical observation of the missile during the test was carried out with a connected Optrolead PASEO visual system. JAGUAR, manufactured by a consortium of Nexter, Arquus and Thales, is part of the French Army’s SCORPION programme. This is to replace the AMX10RC and SAGAIE light wheeled tanks in addition to the VAB variant armed with HOT anti-tank missiles.

Wolfgang Gelpke