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Rohde & Schwarz has been awarded a contract by Boeing to deliver its R&S MR6000R multiband-capable airborne transceivers from the SOVERON software defined radio family for installation on the T-7A RED HAWK advanced pilot training system for the US Air Force. The German radio manufacturer announced this in a press release this morning.

Manufactured by Boeing and its risk sharing teammate Saab, the T-7A it is an all-new, purpose built, training system designed for the mission, giving the US Air Force a flexible design that can easily adapt as technologies and training needs evolve. Boeing was awarded a US$9.2Bn contract for 351 T-7A aircraft, 46 simulators and associated ground equipment to be delivered and installed, replacing Air Education and Training Command’s 57 year-old fleet of T-38C TALONS.

The R&S MR6000R meets small size, lightweight and low power requirements, weighing less than four kilograms. It covers the frequency range from 30 MHz to 400 MHz and supports the NATO frequency algorithms HAVE QUICK II for interoperability and digital fast frequency hopping standard SATURN.

Jack Richardson