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The Norwegian Armed Forces will receive five GROUND MASTER 200 Multi Mission compact (GM200 MM/C) radars for immediate fire support and air defence, the Dutch MoD has announced. With support of the Dutch government, the Royal Netherlands Army initiated the procurement of the radar systems on 25 May 2021, with an option for three more. The systems, manufactured by Thales Netherlands, will be delivered from late 2023 to late 2024. The Netherlands had already ordered nine GM200 MMs for its own armed forces in 2019, to be delivered from the end of 2022.

The GROUND MASTER 200 MM/C is a compact and flexible radar with 4D AESA technology. The compact design ensures extremely high mobility as a prerequisite for very short deployment times, while independent radar coils can simultaneously detect a large number of targets. The radar is particularly suitable for weapons detection, air surveillance and air defence, automatically detecting, tracking and classifying:

  • multiple UAVs
  • Rockets
  • Artillery
  • Mortar
  • missiles
  • aircraft

Gerhard Heiming