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Patria has announced that the joint 6×6 vehicle development programme is proceeding as planned, with a successful Demo Tour in Latvia and increased interest in the programme. The demo tour was held in Latvia during May, where the Patria 6×6 vehicle was presented to the Minister of Defence and the Latvian Armed Forces, who tested the mobility, features, and capability of the vehicle under conditions that correspond to actual operations and usage of the vehicle.

More than a hundred people from the Latvian military got chance test the vehicle, as well as its loading capacity for special purposes. Representatives of the Finnish Ministry of Defence and the Finnish Defence Forces also attended the event. The demo tour culminated in the Industry Day, with the Latvian companies’ industrial network, which has an essential role in the vehicle programme. Security of supply, including local industry participation, is a natural part of Patria’s business model to enable a cost-effective supply chain which benefits all involved parties.

Currently, the programme is in the Research and Development (R&D) phase, which means engineering and development work, so that the basic vehicle platform, versions and the total system, including the support system, are developed further according to the specific needs of participating countries. At this phase, the vehicle has also been successfully tested with many different capability tests, including challenging winter conditions in Lapland, Latvian environment, and the overall usability of the vehicle.

Jack Richardson