The French police are to be equipped with 30,000 body cams from July 2021. The aim is to promote trust in police work through transparency and to increase the safety of police officers. With a contract value of €15M, the project is one of the largest bodycam projects in the world, contractor Motorola Solutions announced. 

The rugged VB400 bodycams were developed specifically for this purpose. Intuitive recording functions and extended battery life (up to 12 hours) are characteristic features of the cameras. In the future, a Holster Aware function will be offered, which automatically activates the recording of the camera as soon as an officer draws his weapon. As part of the project, Motorola Solutions is also supplying a range of accessories, including helmet cameras for motorbike police officers, which enable high-resolution recordings even at high speeds.

The new body cameras are used in combination with a VideoManager digital evidence management solution, which allows recorded video to be automatically stored and archived along with time, date and location and officer-added incident data. Motorola Solutions BodyCams are already in use by authorities and civilian customers in the UK, USA and Romania.