What are the features of a modern remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS)?

Slovacek: A remote-controlled weapon station is a complex system fitted onto a combat vehicle or vessel. It allows the gunner to aim, fire and eliminate enemy threats while staying protected inside the vehicle. On top of that, an integrated combination of electro-optical sensors provide 24/7 tracking, targeting and perimeter surveillance capabilities. EVPÚ Defence currently produces two types of RCWS. What kind of weapons are they designed for?

Ondrej Slovacek of EVPÚ Defence
(Photo: EVPÚ Defence)

Slovacek: RCWS 12 is a versatile modular concept which allows the integration of various weapons and protection systems including 7.62mm to 12.7mm NATO or Russian caliber machine guns, 30mm and 40mm grenade launchers, SPIKE guided anti-tank missiles or a laser and radar irradiation detection system. ZSRD-07 is a lighter weapon station intended for 5.56mm – 7.62mm machine guns. What is the main difference between EVPÚ Defence and its competitors?

Slovacek: As always, we are able to go the extra mile and offer our customers a custom-made solution. Both our weapon stations may be modified in a number of ways. Moreover, RCWS 12 can be mounted with several weapons simultaneously. Of course, we also pride ourselves on the high image resolution and quality of our cameras. Do you have any future plans concerning the military sector?

Slovacek: The near future will hopefully see us display our latest military technologies at IDET 2021, the largest defence exhibition in the Czech Republic. In the meantime, we warmly welcome the readers to get in touch via