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Finnish vehicle manufacturer Protolab has announced the introduction of two new versions of the 6×6 Protected Multi-Purpose Vehicle (PMPV), which have been modified based on user feedback to meet the requirements of the Finnish procurement programme.

While retaining the proven mine protection, the PMPV has been given a more powerful engine. There is a choice of engines with 240 kW, 270 kW or 335 kW drive power, which is distributed to the three axles via an Allison gearbox. Front and rear axles are steerable. With a curb weight of 14 tonnes, a payload of 10 tonnes can be carried.

The redesigned interior with more space for C4I equipment includes seating for a crew of two and an infantry group of 10 soldiers. Optionally, different seating systems with two or five point harnesses are available. Crew entry and exit have also been improved and the hatch closure system in all vehicles has been redesigned for easier operation. Comfort improvements increase the crew’s staying power while the vehicle is comparatively narrow at 2.55 m.

Based on the standard configuration, variants for Command and Control, troop transport or medical operations can be deployed. In mid-2019, Protolab had delivered prototypes of the PMPV for testing by the Finnish Armed Forces.

Gerhard Heiming