Renk Group has announced plans to establish a subsidiary in Australia to assemble and test transmission systems and final drives for the LYNX IFV – should the vehicle be selected by Australia – and potentially other military vehicles in service in the region.

The LYNX KF41 brings the 850 kW of its diesel engine to bear via Renk’s HSWL 256 hydraulic shift, reverse and steering transmission. The same transmission is also part of the powerpacks of the PUMA and AJAX vehicles. Renk transmissions are used in 40 different military vehicles worldwide.

Renk is also expanding its international presence. The chassis specialist Horstmann Defence Systems UK has been part of the group since 2019 and the acquisition of Combat Propulsion Systems from L3 Harris is to be completed this year.

Renk’s Australian subsidiary is to be established in Brisbane near Rheinmetall’s Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE), where the Lynx KF41s will be manufactured – if Rheinmetall wins the bid. Comparative testing is currently underway until October 2021. The contract is expected to be awarded in 2022.

Gerhard Heiming