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The Swiss National Council has approved the Armed Forces Dispatch 2021, with an investment volume of around €2.1Bn. In the Armament Programme 2021, the Federal Council plans to invest around €782m over the next few years to:  
  • expand command and communication systems (€235m)
  • improve mobility with protected vehicles and trailers (€390m)
  • increase protection against NBC warfare agents (@110m)
  • procure simulators (€47m). 
€707m is planned for the procurement of army equipment (personal equipment, ammunition and information technology/cyber defence) with about €575m to be put into the real estate programme for the infrastructure of logistics, training and command of the air force, among other things. This programme also includes investments in climate protection for the realisation of the “Minergie” standard in renovations. The next step is the decision of the Council of States, whose upcoming session will begin as the “autumn session” on 13 September 2021.
Gerhard Heiming