With the enhanced software core ELYSION, ESG offers improved core intelligence for the GUARDION modular drone defence system. With increasing numbers of drones and missions, the threat is rising sharply. Unauthorised drone overflights or targeted attacks must be detected by security forces in a fraction of a second and appropriate decisions made according to the (threat) situation.

In the GUARDION system, the results of sensors from different manufacturers are recorded, evaluated and if necessary, countermeasures – also from different manufacturers – are triggered. The sensor connection, situation display, decision support and effector control, which have been tried and tested in many years of GUARDION system operations, have been redesigned to meet the needs and performance of the systems based on the findings from their use. The aim is to relieve the operational command personnel and to support safe and situation-appropriate reactions.

ELYSION is a comprehensive further development of the GUARDION software core consisting of processing core intelligence and highly networked, map-based situation display. During development, the focus was on the areas of intuitive usability, automation and high-performance data processing. Thus, ELYSION offers a user interface with integrated camera feed, a high-performance sensor data fusion as well as further operator-supporting assistance functions such as the prioritisation of multiple targets or suggestions for suitable countermeasures.

According to ESG, ELYSION is interoperable with previously introduced sensor and effector systems and higher-level command and control systems and offers the modular and open-interface architecture already offered by GUARDION in order to be able to integrate further innovative technologies in the future.

Gerhard Heiming