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DEFEA 2021

Metropolitan Expo, Athens

13-15 July 2021

312 Exhibitors

The Hellenic Armed Forces and Security Services’ participation in DEFEA 2021 underscores the importance of this international exhibition. Organising a ministerial round table, as well as other conferences, highlights the geopolitical aspects of DEFEA. The General Directorate of Defence Investments and Armaments, participating in the Exhibition, opens prospects for industrial co-operation with the companies present in DEFEA. Additionally, the Ministry of Merchant Marine placed DEFEA under its auspices and will be present in the Exhibition. The General Staffs of the Hellenic Armed Forces will present in DEFEA the training capabilities of the Hellenic Services and especially the international joint exercises with friendly and allied countries. These exercises are focused on the high standards of the Hellenic Armed Forces’ as well as the opportunities provided by the terrain of Greece.

DEFEA will be focused on the Hellenic Defence Industry which will make a dynamic presence with 97 state owned and private industries among the total of the 312 exhibitors. Some of these factories have been founded more than a century ago and they have an invaluable contribution to the national defence of Greece. The Hellenic Police, as well as the Hellenic Coast Guard, will also will be present in DEFEA.