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From 29 June to 1 July 2021, the fifth edition of SOFINS will be held at the camp of Souge in Gironde (33). This event is the result of year of meetings and intense work by the members of the Cercle de l’Arbalète.

This bienniel event, unique in Europe, is the meeting point of the high-tech industry with the Special Forces and Special Units. Over three days, small and medium-sized companies and large industrial groups will meet under the aegis of the Cercle de l’Arbalète in order to propose unique solutions adapted to the needs of special operations.

The Souge camp will hold meetings and technical demonstrations: the dynamic tests of equipment under real conditions will enable innovative manufacturers to demonstrate the added value of their equipment for current and future operators. New this year is an immersive space: the SOFTECH.

Finally, the seminar will host the SOFLAB: an area dedicated to start-ups selected by the Cercle de l’Arbalète. These startups will have the opportunity, during a whole morning, to pitch in front of the special forces and to present their innovations.


  • 3300 VISITORS
  • 43 foreign Special Forces delegations
  • Equipment tests on site
  • 600 business meetings
  • 2 prizes awarded during the SOFLAB competition

Cercle de l’Arbalète

The Cercle de l’Arbalète is an association whose goal is to promote the spirit of innovation of French special forces and innovative companies and contribute to the search for solutions to the technical challenges of the special operations of the future.

The Circle offers unique opportunities for field operators and industrialists to meet, in order to contribute to the development and development of materials:

  • At SOFINS, a biennial trade fair that will be held this year from June 29 to July1, 2021 and will be the show of economic recovery.
  • During SOFLAB, a version reduced to innovative Start-Ups and held alternately with SOFINS – the 2020 edition has been postponed due to the COVID pandemic.

The Cercle de l’Arbalète cultivates a certain discretion but wishes to communicate to the media some “success  stories” of  start-ups discovered and promoted by the Cercle de l’Arbalète and SOFINS.

The creators of these start-ups but also the managers of the Cercle and Sofins are at your disposal to answer all your questions.

List of members of the Circle: Members – Crossbow Circle (                       

Name: ID1

Site :

Field of activity: ID1 is an e-health device that allows thanks to a QR code appearing on a product (sticker on helmet, direct marking on EPI textile, card, bracelet or a key ring) to identify a person, to inform his hierarchy and his relatives and to give access to the emergency services to his medical file in case of discomfort or accident at work.

Awards and opportunities:

 won the crossbow circle prize at SOFINS 2019

-Finalist of the Charles Foix Scholarship in June 2019 (to improve quality of life of seniors)

-Partnership signed with the National Federation of Firefighters of France (FNSPF). The SDIS 24 has chosen to equip all the staff of its department with the device in September 2019

-January 2020: has joined forces with RACER for the manufacture of connected motorcycle gloves

Name:   Qista

Website :

Field of activity: The Qista mosquito terminal of the Aix company Techno Bam makes it possible to eliminate mosquitoes within a radius of sixty meters by imitating the breathing of a human being.

Awards and opportunities:

-Enriches itself with a laboratory in Sénas by investing 2.5 million to increase its molecular biology and data processing capabilities in 2020

-Fight against malaria by winning contracts in Senegal by winning the call for projects “innovative solutions for the sustainable city in Africa” in June 2020

-As of March 16, 2020, there were 4500 machines in France

Name: Preligens


Field of activity: Artificial intelligence solutions based on the automatic analysis of geospatial intelligence flows (GEOINT).  By combining state-of-the-art techniques in image processing and machine learning, Preligens  aggregates information from various sources (Multi-INT), such as imaging (ROIM), signals intelligence (ROEM) or open source (ROSO), in order to provide its customers with strategic knowledge about critical sites of interest, allowing them to achieve information superiority.

Awards and opportunities:

-Multiplied by four its turnover in 2019

-Raises 20 million in November 2020 with ACE management and Definvest

-Has gained a foothold with the American, British and European administrations as well as NATO

Name: Elika Team


Field of activity: Intergenerational start-up (mother-daughter) founded in 2015, Elika Team offers an offer in the field of linguistic engineering, with an innovative method of language learning

 Awards and opportunities:

-July 2020: first fundraising, less than 500k€

-Selected by Microsoft to join its global program “Microsoft for Startups”
-Michelin  Develoment  Limited becomes a financial partner of the company

Name: Think Deep AI


Field of activity: In industries where quality assurance is a key issue, ThinkDeep AI has developed Deepflow, the first platform that combines machine vision and artificial intelligence to automate time-consuming and tiring visual quality control tasks.

Awards and opportunities:

-COS brawl at SOFINS 2019

-Figure in the FORBES 2020 ranking of the top 25 machine learning startups

-October 2020: communicates on its participation in the Techstars  AI Montreal accelerator

Other Exhibitors

Citadel Team Messaging

On the occasion of the SOFINS show, the Cercle de l’Arbalète relies on Thales to provide all participants with a secure messaging. The Citadel Team application – already acclaimed by more than a third of the CAC 40 – will make it possible to secure all instant communications and video retransmissions of French and international delegations.

The Thales groupe offers professionals a secure and sovereign collaboration application. The solution ensures that the company’s data is neither exploited nor resold to third parties, that these are located in France, and that the organisation can easily manage the fleet of users.

Citadel Team offers new premium features that complement secure messaging and voice calls with end-to-end encryption, such as video conferencing, audio conferencing, and screen sharing. Thus, Citadel Team continues to bring to its platform new functionalities adapted to the needs of communication in business in order to consolidate its offer, without compromising either on data or ergonomics.

Press Contact

PRformance – Laurent Durgeat

06 22 64 58 13 – 06 03 00 36 03


Created in 2018, Delfox is a start-up specialising in Artificial Intelligence by reinforcement, a particularly advanced AI technology that allows to model autonomous systems capable of learning from situations encountered in changing environments and adapting to react accordingly.

Based in Bordeaux-Mérignac, the company, co-founded by Maxime Rey, Doctor of Mathematics, and Alice Memang, passionate about entrepreneurship, has structured itself around a team of about 15 people, mainly doctors and engineers, whose challenge is to transform this disruptive technology to use it on concrete application cases.

Delfox can address complex issues, currently treated in a sub-optimised way, such as traffic management, trajectory optimisation or the coordination of interdependent systems (drone fleet, satellite constellation).

A pioneer in this field in France and Europe, Delfox is the first start-up to offer an autonomy solution for industry and  forces. With first founding missions on behalf of Ariane Group, Thales and Dassault,  it is positioned primarily on the aeronautics, space and defence market but has dual technology that  can be applied to many other sectors.

Find Delfox at SOFINS: Stand 17, SOFLAB plateau

Press contact: Marie Chevalier | |  +33 (0)5 35 54 37 29


KATADYN’s HFD-PS40-LAND is a portable water purification solution that allows, thanks to reverse osmosis technology, the provision of drinking water immediately, regardless of the source: fresh, brackish or salt water. Powered by batteries or solar panels, it can also be used manually.  Very robust while being compact and lightweight, it produces up to 6L of water/h.

Contact France: Steven Le Guellec –  – Tel: +33.

Contact International : Henning Schlenker –  – Tel : +49 162 4293045


After several years of success thanks to its NX70 drone, which equips, in particular, the French Armed Forces and the Marseille firefighters, Novadem is completing its range with the NX160. Thanks to its carrying capacity increased by its payload of 2kg, the NX160 broadens the scope of Novadem drones missions and paves the way for the integration of specialised sensors. This is already materialising through the partnership between Novadem and Proengin, offering a unique airborne chemical threat detection solution (AP4C+ and NX160 drone).